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Apr. 10, 2024

CEO and CISO Perspectives: Securing Source Code with Your Software Developers

In this session, Joe Payne, President and Chief Executive Officer at Code42, and David Lindner, Chief Information Security Officer at Contrast Security will offer insights on how security teams can collaborate with engineering leaders and developers to emphasize the importance of source code protection from insiders. They will also discuss strategies for ensuring a successful technology rollout.


Bridging the GRC & Security Gap

Ever-changing workforce dynamics along with the drive to digitally transform businesses to innovate and work faster introduce immense challenges for security and risk professionals – especially when it comes to data governance, risk and compliance (GRC). This event will focus on how data loss prevention tools can help address GRC & security data governance challenges.

Mar, 29, 2023

Insider Risk Award Winners Panel

Join the winners of the Insider Risk Excellence Awards as they discuss the latest insider risk trends and challenges. From best practices in protecting IP and sensitive company data, to supporting modern workforces collaborate without heavy-handed security measures hindering operations and legitimate work.

June 27, 2023

How to Launch a Modern Data Protection Strategy

More and more organizations are looking to implement data protection strategies to detect and respond to data loss, theft and leaks that come from insiders. But, the biggest barrier to implementing or improving that risk management is designing the program itself. 

Mar, 29, 2023

IP Theft: Cost & Impact

As of July 2022, the total theft of U.S. trade secrets accounts for anywhere from $180 billion to $540 billion per year. Often, companies don’t find out about suspected intellectual property (IP) theft until the consequences appear. A competitor brings a copycat offering to market. Regulators call to tell you there’s been a breach. Your security team catches something suspicious in an annual review. Or you read your company’s name (and all about the IP theft) in the morning headlines.

May 17, 2023

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