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2023 Virtual Events

Insider Risk Excellence Award Winners Panel

Tuesday, June 27 | 12 PM CT - 1 PM CT 

This year’s Insider Risk Excellence Award winners will come together to discuss how their organizations protect their IP and sensitive company data while supporting modern workforces to collaborate and elevate productivity without heavy-handed security measures hindering operations and legitimate work. 

Community Meetup @ Black Hat

August 9-10

Details coming soon! 


The Business Shifts That Trigger Risk

September 13

Details coming soon! 

Bridging the GRC & Security Gap

November 9

Details coming soon! 

Threat Hunting & UEBA

December 13

Details coming soon! 


Stop Security Team Burnout

The reality of security burnout - why it happens, the impact it has on your team and how to make changes that ease the burden. 

Feb. 16, 2023

How to Launch a Modern Data Protection Strategy

More and more organizations are looking to implement data protection strategies to detect and respond to data loss, theft and leaks that come from insiders. But, the biggest barrier to implementing or improving that risk management is designing the program itself. 

Mar, 29, 2023

IP Theft: Cost & Impact 

Often, companies don’t find out about suspected intellectual property (IP) theft until the consequences appear. This event will examine the cost and impact of IP theft and offer concrete steps on how to better protect IP. 

Feb. 16, 2023


Who Should Attend?

More than just one moment in time – the Insider Risk Community is a community of organizations and security professionals that understand collaboration, productivity and enablement of users while meeting data security challenges. 

  • CISOs
  • Security Practitioners
  • Industry Experts