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Second Annual Insider Risk Excellence Award Winners Are Pioneering Insider Risk Management to Protect Valuable Company Data and IP

The Insider Risk Community recognizes the organizations and individuals leading the charge in preventing data loss from insiders.

SAN FRANCISCO — RSA Conference — April 24,  2023 – Today, the Insider Risk Community team has named the winners of the 2023 Insider Risk Excellence Awards. These cybersecurity awards recognize the best of Insider Risk Management (IRM), honoring organizations and individuals who are protecting valuable IP and sensitive company data while empowering their modern workforces to collaborate without heavy-handed security measures.

This year’s Insider Risk Excellence Awards winners and finalists are from GE Gas Power, Tines, MITRE, Surescripts, Booz Allen Hamilton, Elevate Security, Entrust, Lyft, Splunk,, Robinhood, Trace3, Accenture, and Optiv.

“Research shows that insider-driven data exposure events have increased 32% year-over-year and that a single insider incident costs an average of $16 million. Companies continue to struggle with the complex problem of Insider Risk. Our second annual Insider Risk Excellence Awards recognize the individuals and companies that are taking a progressive approach to IRM,” said Joe Payne, Insider Risk Community Chairman. “We are excited to recognize this year’s award winners. They are at the forefront of the IRM space, working to protect source code, product plans, personnel and customer information while supporting innovation and growth.”

The 2023 Insider Risk Excellence Award Recipients
Companies and individuals were honored with Insider Risk Excellence Awards in five categories:

Collaborator Award – for the organization that has best fostered a dynamic collaboration culture while protecting its valuable data.

Elevate Security

Winner: GE Vernova
GE’s portfolio of energy businesses, which together with its customers, provides one-third of the world’s electricity and is focused on accelerating the path to more reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy. Its Insider Threat team built a deep partnership with the overall business and focused on enabling key functions to bring its program to the next level. In doing so, GE transformed a historically reactionary program to a modern Insider Risk Management program that can proactively respond to threats.

Game Changer Award – for the organization that has revolutionized its Insider Risk Management program.

The MITRE Corporation

Winner: Tines makes security teams more effective and efficient by automating repetitive manual tasks and giving security and operations teams back valuable time. Tines walks the talk when it comes to Insider Risk Management, both paving the way for IRM in the industry – especially in advocating for enhanced automation in detecting Insider Risk – and evangelizing insider solutions internally. This has brought their internal procedures around Insider Risk to the modern day.

Insider Risk Practitioner of the Year – for an individual who has cultivated a powerful Insider Risk Management program for his or her organization.

Tony Iacobelli, Splunk
Melanie Thigpen,
Brian Pearson, Robinhood

Winner: Dr. Deanna Caputo, MITRE Insider Threat Research & Solutions
Through her deep expertise in behavioral science, Dr. Deanna Caputo leads MITRE in developing best practices for Insider Risk. Boasting 25 years of experience in behavioral research, she uses rigorous behavioral science methodologies and analytics to deter, detect, and mitigate Insider Risks. She uses real-life employee data to develop evidence-based solutions to identify and change employee attitudes, intentions and behaviors.

Insider Risk Leader of the Year – for a security leader who has taken a progressive approach to Insider Risk Management, leading his or her security team to new heights.

Masha Sedova, Elevate Security
Nico Waisman, Lyft

Winner: Judy Hatchett, Surescripts
Bringing expertise from a long career in both the private and public sectors, Judy Hatchett is leading the IRM charge at Surescripts. Through hands-on work with her team, she collaborates with each unit of the business to build organization-wide accountability and ensure that Surescripts’ valuable assets only move where they’re meant to. 

Advocate of the Year – for industry leaders who have made a notable impact within the Insider Risk Community.

Janel Schalk, Trace3
Dr. Mary Dziorny, Accenture
Jim Turgal, Optiv

Winner: Stephen Griegel, Booz Allen Hamilton
Stephen Griegel leads Booz Allen’s efforts in developing and implementing end-to-end capabilities to govern, protect and monitor data. These capabilities support urgent client needs for their Privacy, Insider Risk, Secured Data Governance, and Secured Cloud Data programs. Through this leadership, Stephen secures the collaboration culture not just at Booz Allen, but for a vast portfolio of clients across industries.

The Insider Risk Excellence Award winners were selected by a judging committee made up of security industry leaders from technology providers and advisory firms.The awards judges included:

  • Joe Payne, chairman, Insider Risk Community, and president and CEO, Code42
  • Wendy Overton, cyber strategy and Insider risk leader
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